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Chalking the evolution of physical exercise

Even in ancient times,
physical exercises was highly appreciated, they were performed to music to
achieve physical fitness and good posture. It was also believed that they
improve posture and increase endurance. One of the important branches of
fitness was the orchestrica this is the gymnastics of the music and dance
movement. It really can be put as one of the predecessors of all rhythmic
systemic exercises that exist today. But in general, what is fitness? Fitness
is a system of consecutive exercises to improve your figure. In order to get fitness tips for ladies,
you must check the web sites.

main directions of fitness

In the modern world
there are many directions and types of fitness. Despite the fact that many of
them are similar to each other, each of them is aimed at its own purpose. Some
are needed to improve their physical shape, others simply remove excess weight,
and there are also those that are aimed at developing bones, strengthening the
heart and its robots. But let’s consider 4 different types of fitness.  

  • Body flex
  • Workout
  • Stretching
  • Yoga

This is one of the
currently popular areas of fitness. Sneaking the question, what are these
directions, and how to deal with them?

flex and its features and types

Body flex is a system
of simple breathing exercises with which you can lose weight, in addition,
thanks to them, the muscle tone is improved. Body flex is also divided into
three types.  

  • Isometric exercises
  • Isotonic,
  • Stretching

Each of these species
has its own characteristics. More information can be found on the Internet, in
this article you can simply find out, in general, about fitness.

Society Workout

A workout is not just
fitness, it is a big sports society, it has gained immense popularity, since it
does not require special simulators, and you can do this fitness in every yard,
where there are simulators. Especially popular workout found among young
people. Each workout exercise is based on sports training. And there are also
two kinds, namely.

  • Street Workout, the essence of this type
    is to show spectacular tricks on the simulator.
  • Ghetto Workout, his type is less common
    than a straight, as it is more difficult and only very well trained people will
    be able to do it, because the more complex elements you make, the better you
    will show your result.

harmony with yoga

Yoga is usually yoga,
it is to some extent relaxed, spiritual cleansing, but also physical
satisfaction, all the muscles in the poses, the feeling that they also relax
and stretch, thereby strengthening. In this fitness, it also makes sense to
connect with another world, but this is another story.