Drug Testing

Are Synthetic Urines Such as U-Pass Pee Legal?


Imagine that you have to pass a urine drug test so that you can land a dream job, and beforehand, you smoked a few joints without knowing that you have to do it. 

You will have a few options: to wait for natural detoxification, to find products that will help you mask the presence of THC metabolites, or to find synthetic urine that you can use instead of your own.

The popularity of synthetic urines increased in the last decade due to global demand that surrounds consumption of cannabis and strict regulations in which most job applicants have to pass drug tests so that they can start working with ease.

During the ’80s, the general opinion and regional campaign started with the “Just Say No” statement, and in that particular period, federal government has regulated the drug testing policies for both public and private sector companies.

Even though the weed policy is slowly reaching the point of federal legislation, it is still considered as illicit drug, and employers can fire you if they notice that you have traces of THC byproducts.

Here, we want to talk about synthetic urine and its ability to help you deal with this particular problem.

What Is Synthetic Urine?


You probably did not know that the first sample of synthetic pee was created by Friedrich Wöhler in 1828, and he did it accidentally when he wanted to synthesize ammonium cyanate. 

This particular discovery changed the way people perceive things around them because it generally opposed to vitalism, which was the scientific theory of the time. 

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Vitalists thought that organic compounds could not be created in laboratory settings, and only kidneys could produce urea. However, things completely changed and their opinions failed due to scientific breakthroughs that affected future times.

Of course, when we return to present, the words fake pee or synthetic urine do not seem like something that revolutionized the ideas of human biology. Most of them feature the combination of urea, creatinine, water, uric acid, and specific pH balance that resembles a real thing.

It also features the same density, because labs are testing that for validity as well.  You should have in mind that urinalysis is the most popular drug testing method that involves gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to test it.

This particular method will separate as well as identify the compounds within the specimen and determine its purity, as well as the sample’s mass. Together, they will locate the content of the mixture with an idea to check whether the sample is valid or not.

The most common choice is five-panel drug testing that will check for the presence of amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, opioid, and THC.

The lab technicians will also analyze its temperature, odor, and color, which means that you have to find synthetic urine that features all these characteristics. However, that is just a beginning, because beforehand, you should smuggle it inside the testing facility, ensure the proper temperature, and maintain its density.

Some fake pees come with heating pads or powders that you can add inside to reach the optimal temperature of human urine. 

The main reason why people fail even if they give the fake sample is due to the inability to match the temperature, so you have to be ready to reach up to 98 degrees F, while it must not fall below 90 degrees.

So, if your sample has density and compounds as the actual one, the testing companies won’t notice the difference and will use it as a regular sample.

Drug Testing Controversy 


We had mentioned above that the drug testing started in the middle of ’80 in the previous century when President Ronald Reagan created mandatory regulations that all federal employees must pass the test to maintain their positions.

At the same time, he signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act that established minimum prison sentences for various drug offenses such as possessing weed, among other things. 

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However, the main controversy is the idea that the act is seemingly racist because data has shown that only people of color were targeted based on suspicion.

At the same time, the disparity between minimum jail time for people who consumed cocaine powder and smoked crack created problems because most crack users were black, and they got more jail time than others did who used powder instead.

When the drug-testing plan entered the USA legal system, numerous courts have ruled that it is unconstitutional to do it. 

For instance, law enforcement agencies did not use reasonable suspicion as a way to determine whether someone uses or not, but they followed their opinions instead.

This particular controversy is still, in fact, especially since the weed has been legalized in numerous states, and the country is suffering from prescription opioid crisis. 

What about Fake Urine?


Similarly, as with the cannabis consumption, synthetic urine is not legal in all states. For instance, eighteen states have outlawed the delivery, manufacturing, sale, and use of synthetic urine.

However, only one state has prosecuted a fake pee seller, and that is South Carolina. The seller was accused of promoting fake pee with an idea to tamper with federal regulations and to urge people to break laws and rules.

Most companies and manufacturers feature legal businesses because they state that it is not for cheating drug tests but for other reasons. The same thing goes for glass pipes that are not illegal per se, but we all know that cannabis users are only people who buy them.

You probably remember a former NFL player Onterrio Smith, who was caught with Whizzinator in the luggage back in 2005. Since this particular league requires people to take regular testing, and Smith had two substance abuse violations, he was suspended for one year afterward.

However, that affected the popularity of fake urines, because of this particular product such as Whizzinator, which is a prosthetic penis that you can hide inside your pants so that you can simulate urinating during the drug test.

That was the moment when public heard about this particular product, and even though the media wanted to remove it from the licensed products, its popularity increased due to extensive media coverage and promotion.